Hi, Shakif a.k.a. ShaRC here! Welcome to my website!

This website is my way of reaching out to like-minded individuals with similar interests. To be more specific, the three things that run deep in the veins of every youth today is our Hunger for Adventure, Our constant search for delicious Food, and Our reliance on Technology. In my site, I seek to share my experiences in these three areas so that anyone who is interested can get information at their fingertips.

Being a free-spirited millennial who can’t escape the grind of everyday life through traditional means, I seek to create an extension of myself that is not restricted by the limitations imposed upon me by society and circumstances. Through SharcReviews.com I seek to be bold, tenacious, and free.

If that message resonates with you I hope you frequent my website and be part of this community!

Hope you enjoy the content and most importantly find them useful.



Hi, Miss Weekend Musings here!

For quite some time now, tucked away at some corner of my phone were photographs of my weekend musings waiting to be shared anonymously. Finally, those still photographs have been animated with words and experiences and are ready to be embraced by strangers stumbling across this blog.

Hello, dear reader, and welcome to my collection of random pursuits undertaken on late weekend mornings and lazy afternoons. I am an engineer by profession, working long hours on weekdays and struggling to make a difference through my technical skills. However, it is on weekends that I wear many hats: I can be anything from a beauty-obsessed skin-care addict, an aspirant gardener to a dabbler in cooking.

I hope you join me in my pursuit of boundless creativity and curiosity for all things through this blog. Enjoy!