Penang Street Art: Mural Collection

With its plethora of street art that reflects the multiculturalism and diversity of its residents, George Town has transformed into a world- class attraction famous for its heritage and culture. Here I have listed some of the fascinating artwork I came across during my travel across Penang Island, Malaysia.


Mural By Ernest Zacharevic

Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic was commissioned in 2012 by the Penang Municipal Council to create the murals in different parts of the old town. The result was artwork that is engaging, mesmerizing and appreciated by both tourists and locals alike.

“Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur”

Description: Illustrates a small boy walking his dinosaur by Ernest Zacharevic.

Location: Ah Quee Street

Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur Mural, Penang

“Boy on Bike”

Description: Painted on the sidedoor of a shophouse by Ernest Zacharevic, it shows a boy sitting on his motorcycle as he watches the pedestrian traffic passing by along the street.

Location: Ah Quee Street

Boy on Bike Mural, Penang

“Little Children on a Bicycle”

Description: Painted by Ernest Zacharevic , this mural shows a little girl and her younger brother enjoying a bicycle ride.

Location: Armenian Street

Children on Bike Mural, Penang


“Marge Simpson”

Description: Originally painted with two minions, one on top of the other in 2013, after a year later, Ernest Zacharevic repainted this bollard with Marge Simpson.

Location: Soo Hong Lane

Marge Simpson Mural, Penang


“Reaching Up”

Description: Another amazing artwork by Ernest Zacharevic, this one depicts a small boy standing on a chair and reaching up for a hole in the wall.

Location: Cannon Street

Reaching Up Mural, Penang


101 Lost Kittens Project Mural

This project was lead by group of artists called the ASA or Artists for Stray Animals. Working to setup artwork at various points within George Town, Penang, the idea was to create more awareness over the issue of helping find homes for stray animals.

“Skippy Comes to Penang”

Description: Created as part of the 101 Lost Kittens Project by, it is commonly referred to as the Giant Cat Mural.

Location: Lebuh Armenian

Skippy Comes to Penang Mural, Penang


“Love me like your Fortune Cat”

Description: The Fortune Cat Mural depicts a cat surrounded by a group of “fortune cats”.

Location: Lebuh Armenian

Love me like your Fortune Cat Mural, Penang


“The Real Bruce Lee Would Never Do This”

Description: It shows two cats being delivered a kick from the kungfu legend, Bruce Lee.

Location: Backlane between Ah Quee Street and Beach Street

Bruce Lee would never do this Mural, Penang


Wall Art Team

The team created by Bowie Low of IBox Glass, is a group of artists and art students who specializes in 3D art. Here are some of their popular mural work across Penang.


“Teach You Hokkien”

Description: This mural on the wall of the Museum of Glass, in George Town, Penang shows a boy saying, “Kah Lu Kong Hokkien,” with translation in English as well as Chinese characters.

Location: Soo Hong Lane

Teach You Hokkien Mural, Penang


“Wo Ai Nee Chinese Malay Indian”

Description: Representing a fusion of different cultures, this painting shows an Indian, Malaysian and Chinese girl dressed in exquisite finery. The title of the mural means “I love you, Chinese, Malay, Indian”.

Location: Lorong Soo Hong

Wo Ai Nee Chinese Malay Indian Mural, Penang


Urban Exchange International Street Art

Organized by a Berlin-based urban arts center and Hin Bus Depot Art Centre in Penang in 2014, this international street art festival garnered artists from across the world including Australia, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Malaysia, Singapore, Manchester, United States.


“Woman with Monkey”

Description: This gigantic painting was part of the 2014 Urban Xchange street art festival shows an elderly woman with a monkey.

Location: Beach Street

Woman with Monkey Mural, Penang


Description: Another massive painting as an outcome of the 2014 Urban Xchange street art festival shows a enormous boat reminiscent of Noah’s Ark.

Location: Beach Street

Boat Mural, Penang


“Girl with Birds in Her Hair”

Description: This giant painting is by Australian artist Vexta, who took part in Penang’s 2014 street art festival Urban Xchange. The mural shows a girl with her eyes closed and birds perched on strands of her hair blowing in the wind.

Location: Lebuh Chulia

Girl with Birds in Her Hair Mural, Penang


Other Fascinating Mural


“Feed the Stray”

Description: Painted by artist Kenji Chai, the dog is called chaigo, meaning stray in Chinese.

Location: Backlane between Ah Quee Street and Beach Street

Feed the Stray Mural, Penang


“I Want Pau”

Description: Painted by Kuala Lumpur-born artist WK Setor, this mural portrays children reaching out for their comfort food ‘pau’.

Location: Armenian Street

I Want Pau Mural, Penang


“Children on the Swing”

Mural Description: This artwork by local Penang-born artist Louis Gan shows a boy and girl are standing on one swing.

Location: Step by Step Lane

Children on the Swing Mural, Penang


“Lion Dance”

Description: This mural shows a mesmerizing intricate face of a lion dance performer.

Location: Lebuh Gereja


 “Trombone Player”

Description: Tucked away inside the Logan Heritage Building is this fascinating piece is by Gabriel Pitcher. The mural is a massive picture of a man playing the trombone.

Location: Lebuh Pantai

Trombone Player Mural, Penang

“Minion Master Sifu”

Description: Interesting mural of a minion in an alley.

Location: Step by Step Lane

Minion Master Sifu Mural, Penang


“Minion with Fire Hydrant”

Description: Minion with a loudspeaker in hand standing next to a real fire-hydrant.

Location: Ah Quee

Minion with Fire Hydrant Mural, Penang


“Susu Soya Asli & Segar”

Description: Portraying an old lady at a soy milk stall serving bowls of soy milk to children, this mural was created in collaboration by St. Xavier’s Institution, Homesoy and Vilmedia.

Location: Chulia Street

Susu Soya Asli & Segar Mural, Penang


“Only You Can Stop Air Pollution”

Description: This mural created by Kuala Lumpur-based graffiti artist Cloakwork, has the message ‘Only You Can Stop Air Pollution’ sprayed on the wall.

Location: Ah Quee Street

Smoking Mural, Penang



Description: Painted on the folding shutters of a bicycle rental shop, this artwork shows a magician at a magic show. Unfortunately, when the shop is opened, it is not possible to see the street art mural very well.  Only when the shop is closed and shutters shut, the full street art mural can be seen in action.

Location: Lebuh Armenian

Magician Mural, Penang


“Cat Hanging from Tyre”

Description: Shows a cat winking and hanging from a tyre.

Location: Cannon Street

Cat Mural, Penang



“Fish in the Water”

Description: Found at the side of an old building, this mural by Just Dandeh shows fish in the water.

Location:  Kuala Kangsar Road

Koi Mural, Penang

“Red Tree”

Description: Mural of a red tree on a blue backdrop at the side of an old building.

Location: Bishop Street

Red Tree Mural, Penang


Pikachu Mural, Penang


“Music Band”

Music Band Mural, Penang



Firefighter Mural, Penang

Penang also has an assortment of humorous Metal Caricatures which do a great job in telling the history of the city. Check out my article on the Metal Caricatures.

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