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I came across this nice cafe in Singapore’s Arab Street a bit by accident. I was in the Arab Street area one day planning to have a meal at one of my favorite Middle Eastern cafes called Cafe Le Caire which I had not visited in quite a while. When I reached the location I was heartbroken to find that Cafe Le Caire had closed down permanently! Not willing to retire empty stomach for the day I decided to give Working Title Cafe a try, and I have to say I am really glad that I did.

In a nutshell, Working Title is a Halal certified (permissible for my Muslim friends to eat) cafe in Singapore’s Arab Street area primarily serving western inspired dishes some of which have a unique local twist such as the Ribena Wings.


The cafe is on the ground floor of a backpackers hostel called ShopHouse and as such it is quite common to find tourists and locals alike chilling at the cafe at most hours. The decor is inspired by what seems like a popular theme among many up and coming cafes in Singapore, where you have a bunch of mismatched chairs and tables (and some long park benches) made up of wood and multi-colored wrought iron. Overall the combination makes the place feel welcoming and warm but not very memorable.


When I was there I was famished so ended up ordering way too much food for 2 people. I say that because I found the portion sizes of the cafe to be quite generous.

Here are the things we tried at the Working Title:

Darkwing Duck (7/10)

Which is a Smoked duck meat burger that’s topped with sunny side up, mild cheddar, fresh slaw, and tomatoes with hoisin. I like the fact that the burger had proper slices of duck meat and not a minced meat patty with a bunch of fillers in it. It had fresh rockets or arugula along with a few slices of tomatoes. It also came with a generous side of fries with some herbs and cheddar sprinkled on top. I wasn’t however, a big fan of the bread used in the burger. It was dry and unusually hard to chew.

20160625_202539 20160625_202543

Ribena Wings (8/10)

Essentially this is what they call spiced and battered chicken drumlets (8) drizzled with a reduced Ribena sauce. As simple as it sounds it tastes fantastic. If you grew up drinking Ribena and it has a soft spot in your heart, you will surely love this wings with a twist. Even if you are not a fan of Ribena it is worth trying because the wings strike a nice balance between a sweet and savory that should please most taste buds. We thoroughly enjoyed them.

20160625_201142 20160625_201952

Smoked Salmon Pizza (6/10)

These are the pizza toppings –  garlic mayonnaise, cheddar, mozzarella, and yellow onions topped with a dollop of greek yogurt. Their take on this pizza was very interesting however it may not be for everyone. I was surprised to see the pizza had a flimsy pink paper thin crust. If you like your pizza crust to be crispy, then STAY AWAY from this one! My skepticism aside, the pizza tasted decent and I could tell it was baked fresh on the spot.



Drinks (6/10) and Desserts (5/10)

For drinks, we tried the Babyccino (don’t judge me ;P) and Cappuccino. Both were nice and decently priced compared to other cafes of this type.



We also tried some of their tarts but they were decent at best. I personally was excited to try the Salted Caramel Nutella Tart but found the pastry of the tart thicker than what I prefer. Another tart we tried was some kind of a cream tart with chocolate on top and that too memorable.




Prices for some of the offerings on the menu are a bit on the high side but I have noticed that it is becoming the new norm for such cafes.

Average S$18-25.


Working Title Burger Bar Cafe is a great place to visit with friends even if it is only to try the Ribena Wings.  While I enjoyed dining there, for me at least the memories of their other food offerings will fade over time.


48 Arab Street
Singapore 199745
Open hours:

Monday to Thursday, 11am to 10pm
Friday, 11am to 11pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 11pm


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