Creative Outlier Sports bluetooth earbuds are better than Jaybirds X3s

If you live in the United States or Western Europe you probably don’t think about Creative Labs when you think about companies from whom you want to buy a pair of headphones or earbuds. My recent purchase of the Outlier Sports bluetooth earbuds made me realize how underappreciated this company is in the minds of today’s general consumers. While on the lookout for a new pair of Bluetooth exercise earbuds I came across offerings from the more trendier brands such as Jaybirds and Bose first, then I stumbled upon an offering my Creative Labs called the Outlier Sports. The more I […]

Ipoh Mural Artwork

Located at the famous tin mining area, Kinta Valley, Ipoh is the capital city of Perak State in Malaysia. From its inception as a small village in 1870’s, the tin mine industry brought in Chinese and Indian population which boosted the town’s development since 1890’s. Cozy and intimate, nowadays Ipoh is widely known for its heritage and delicious food. Adding to its recent popularity is a series of stunning mural artwork encapsulating the spirit of this small town. Here is a look at some of the iconic mural artwork gracing the old charming walls across Ipoh. MURALS BY ERNEST ZACHAREVIC […]

Penang Street Art: Metal Caricatures

In 2009 the Penang State Government organized an Art Challenge called the “Marking of George Town” as a way of marking Georgetown’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Won by the company Sculpture At Work, their idea was to epitomize the history of Georgetown, Penang, with wrought iron metal caricatures enabling both residents and visitors to appreciate the past. Humorous and laden with historical facts, I have compiled a list of some of these metal caricatures which I came across during my Penang travel. ”Jimmy Choo” “This is the place where the famous show designer Jimmy Choo started his […]

Penang Street Art: Mural Collection

With its plethora of street art that reflects the multiculturalism and diversity of its residents, George Town has transformed into a world- class attraction famous for its heritage and culture. Here I have listed some of the fascinating artwork I came across during my travel across Penang Island, Malaysia.   Mural By Ernest Zacharevic Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic was commissioned in 2012 by the Penang Municipal Council to create the murals in different parts of the old town. The result was artwork that is engaging, mesmerizing and appreciated by both tourists and locals alike. “Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur” Description: […]

Beauty Buffet by Watsons: 365 Daily Sheet Mask

Discovery One late Friday night after work I stumbled upon the 365 Daily Sheet Masks at Watsons. Though there was a multitude of different sheet masks dominating the entire shelf, what caught my eye was definitely the 365 Daily Masks simply because of the price tag: 2 sheet masks for SGD1.95. That is less than a dollar per sheet mask! Plus, the “Limited Period Only” at the bottom of the price tag pushed me to quickly grab one of each variety and head for the counter. Getting down to the Details: Made in Taiwan 23ml Price on offer: 2 for […]

Working Title-Burger Bar Cafe- Singapore

WHAT’S COOKING I came across this nice cafe in Singapore’s Arab Street a bit by accident. I was in the Arab Street area one day planning to have a meal at one of my favorite Middle Eastern cafes called Cafe Le Caire which I had not visited in quite a while. When I reached the location I was heartbroken to find that Cafe Le Caire had closed down permanently! Not willing to retire empty stomach for the day I decided to give Working Title Cafe a try, and I have to say I am really glad that I did. In a nutshell, […]

Dell S2316H – Awesome 1080p multimedia monitor!

GLOSSY GLORY The Dell S2316H 23″ monitor is an elegant looking monitor with great performance if most of your computing needs are satisfied at a 1080p resolution.It is Dell’s offering for the price-conscious consumers who don’t want a quality viewing experience from a monitor without breaking the bank. At the time of purchase in February 2016 this monitor was US$150, but I have seen it go for far less now that we approach the holiday season. Check latest prices here.     WHO IS IT FOR? Dell’s S-series of monitors rank below their UltraSharp series and as such aren’t meant […]

Acer G3-710 – A great future-proof pre-built PC at a reasonable price!

THE UNDERRATED CHAMP The G3-710 is Acer’s late 2015- early 2016 attempt to coax the enthusiast gaming market to shell out some cash. It is the lesser hyped sibling of the Acer G series which is mostly hailed for its “4K” game crusher elder brother the G6. But unless you are willing to shell up upward of US$2,000 for the G6 the G3 will be the one to look at.   WHO IS IT FOR? The Acer G3-710 is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much for a pre-built system while not sacrificing future potential to upgrade […]